12V 35W D2R/S/C HID XENON Bulb
12V 35W D2R/S/C HID XENON Bulb AC Car Headlight Single Beam Auto Lamp 4300K 6000K 8000K 10000K 12000K

HID Xenon Bulb

D1R/S/C  HID Xenon Bulb

 Function Parameter
1) Voltage: 12V
2) Power: 35W
3) Lumination:2500~ 3,500lm
4) Lifespan: 3000hours
5) Operating ambient temperature range: -40 degree~ +105 degree
6) Color temperature: 3,000K-12000k
7) Voltage: 70v~100v
8) wiring: high temperature-risitant, high voltage-resistant
9) Cover: crystal glass tube of UV-CAT anti-ultraviolet
10) Luminescence way: produced luminous by gases colliding
Color temperature and color
The color of bulb is expressed by color temperature:
4300k~yellow white
8000k~blue white
10000k~Cambridge blue
12000k~Cambridge blue

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